Tuf-Foot for Dogs

Tuf-Foot for Dogs

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Dog Paw and Pad Care. Protect Your Dog’s Feet.

Whether your dog assists in the hunt, pulls a sled, searches through rubble, or just hangs out in the yard, TUF-FOOT can keep his sensitive paw pads in excellent condition. TUF-FOOT toughens and protects soft, sore and tender pads on your dog. TUF-FOOT has been shown to aid in the healing of sore, cut, and/or tender paws and pads, often having remarkable results within a few days. TUF-FOOT also prevents cracking and bleeding of your dog’s pads.

Trainers of Seeing Eye dogs and Search and Rescue dogs are among the many satisfied TUF-FOOT customers. Foot conditioning is important wherever footwork is required.

To apply TUF-FOOT to paws-use the spray or bottle a large cotton ball or sponge. Under normal use-TUF-FOOT should be applied twice a day during week 1 and once a day during week two and afterwards as needed for maintenance