OWL-NV N7 Night Vision Clip-On Scope

OWL-NV N7 Night Vision Clip-On Scope

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OWL-NVs next release is the highly anticipated N7 Clip-On Night Vision Device.

A traditional clip-on unit, the N7 attaches to the eye piece of the users current day scope. The N7 has not one but two built in IR Illuminators to find your target:
– A powerful 5W 850nm illuminator which provides a further distance of illumination.
– A covert 940nm illuminator which is nearly invisible to the naked eye, meaning animals will not be alerted to your presence.

Users will have the option to have both on at once to achieve a maximum viewing distance in the dark up to 350m.


  • Dedicated Clip-On Rifle Scope with dual illuminators: 850nm & 940nm
  • Daytime and night time modes
  • Long range viewing up to 350m in complete darkness
  • Recoil resistance (6000J)
  • Built in Red Dot
  • WIFI Streaming
  • HD Video Recording (1920 x 1080 FULL HD)
  • 6-hour battery life (lithium 18650 rechargeable and replaceable)
  • TF Card (not included) storage up to 128GB
  • Light weight ergonomic design

Important notes:

  • This product can only be adapted to optical telescopes with AO focus or side focus features.
  • A few optical telescopes may not work due to its particular design of optical path
  • Internal diameter of sleeve is 48cm, applicable external diameter of eyepiece is 38mm-48mm